Dr. Linga Foundation grew out of a vision in providing education and healthcare, to privileged children and youth in a way to enhance the life of the impoverished families living in rural areas. The list of our efforts to bring smiles back on the faces of those who lost all hopes during disasters is long.

Dr. Linga Foundation has made a considerable shift in its approach over the current scenario of education, by providing sports equipment to Gurukul Schools which produced more efficient results in academics. From direct service provision to enabling poor and vulnerable groups, Dr. Linga Foundationhas evolved into an organization in order to address underlying causes of poverty. Our focus is explicitly on the well-being, social position of youth from tribal and Dalit communities.

  • Serving economically backward students
  • Helping orphans
  • Support to old age homes
  • Support to hospitalized persons
  • Development of drinking water sources in village’s
  • Encouragement and support to school students for participation in sports.
  • Support for renovation of old schools
  • Organizing health camps

Focusing on the sanitation and hygiene problems in rural areas, we came up with Bio-digester technology in collaboration with DRDO. Dr. Linga Foundation’s current ‘Programme’ approach stems from a redrawn vision, under which, working on projects has been overlapped with holistic, long term, deep impact “programmes” that work directly with key populations to ensure that the root causes of poverty and marginalization of people, are tackled strategically and collaboratively. Recognizing that Dr. Linga Foundation continues its transition seeking more appropriate paradigms of development to ensure that we remain a catalyst for change and contribute towards dignified and secured existence.